Millionaire Madness

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How it works

Be the first to win 1 million BST on a single bet or hold BlockStamp Games' biggest win for 30 days.

Get your payout for your winning bet doubled!

Hit the 1 million BST jackpot

If you win the platform maximum of 1 million BST you’ll automatically be named champion! You can play for that amount on every bet.

Hold the biggest win for 30 days.

If you win less than 1 million BST but more than any other player in the last 30 days, you’ll become the top contender. Hold your position for 30 days and you’ll be named champion!

Get your payout doubled!

When you are named champion, we will send you the same amount of BST that you earned on your winning bet.

Round 5 highest bets

Winning bet


There can be only one champion.
Will it be you?

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Please note:

  • The champion will receive a doubled payout in two equal parts. The first part will be a standard payout for a winning bet like any other the BlockStamp blockchain. The second part will be sent to the player by the BlockStamp team no later than 24 hours after the player is named champion.
  • The 30-day top contender waiting period resets every time there is a new top contender.