It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas at BlockStamp Games

'Twas the week before Christmas, and in every BlockStamp Game,
Our players realized that online gaming would never be the same :)

Yes, it's that time of year! And it's time for us to make it special for our special players.

Some would say that every day is like Christmas at BlockStamp Games. After all, you get the internet's best odds on all our games every day. And share the fun with your friends in multiplayer games like roulette you won't find anywhere else!

But in the spirit of the season we want to take it a step further with some easy BST giveaways!

Here's what to do.

Meet Jexy and Nexy on Twitch -- and get their BST giveaways :)

Based on the popularity of BlockStamp Games with other Twitch streamers, we've launched our own BlockStamp Games Twitch channel with Nexy and Jexy, a dynamic duo of streamers based in Serbia.

They're ready and willing to distribute BST to distribute to anyone playing along with them!

Watch our Telegram channel to find out when they'll be coming online and be sure to join their rooms to share the fun -- and get your BST!

Follow us on Twitter and Telegram for details of specific holiday giveaways.

We're using Twitter to announce and run a variety of special BST promotions.

They're easy! Examples so far have included finding the BST's highest historic price and re-tweeting it. Or tagging your friends in the BlockStamp Game's Twitch stream chat.

All have you to do is follow us on Twitter and Telegram and be ready to have fun!

Stay tuned and have a blast!

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