All I Want for Christmas Is… the Off-Chance Windfall Lotto Experience!

OK, that's probably not all you want. But it's definitely worth putting on the list :)

We introduced the “Off-Chance Windfall” lotto strategy a few months back. If you haven’t tried it out already, the holidays are a great time to do so!

That’s because this strategy isn’t just about numbers and winnings. It’s about a mindset and shared imagination with your friends and loved ones.

Sure, the financial aspect of lotto traditionally overshadow any "feel good" emotions.

But BlockStamp Games is not a traditional gaming platform ;)

Just to recap: with this strategy, you don’t rationally expect to win. “Off chance” basically means “small chance.”

But you do have fun picking numbers together and imagining what you would do with a big, fat BlockStamp lotto payout :) That’s the “windfall!”

How it works is pretty simple:

  • You set up your wager to have a big payout.
  • You act responsibly! Play a few times and call it a night. Don’t stay up drinking egg nog and waiting for Santa while you play.
  • Share the experience and imagine what you'd do with your winnings. You'll spend a few BST on your wager but these feelings are priceless!

The strategy will work with any lotto game, but our version is perfect for:

  • A cold winter night. No need to leave the house.
  • Players with short attention spans, like kids. No need to wait for funds to accumulate or numbers to be drawn. Payouts are immediate; you can play for a huge amount every time.

Trying to keep your kids busy while they wait for Santa?

Here are a few family-friendly ideas for how to select numbers. Just keep in mind you have numbers 1 - 8 to play with in BlockStamp lotto.

  • Dates. Lots of ways to go here. Birthdays, anniversaries, important days from history, or even just Christmas day (1225).
  • Math problems. For example, you’ll pick a lotto number that is the result of 2 + 2. Good practice for kids of all ages, actually. The math problem could be pages long as long as the result is a number from 1 - 8.
  • Alphabet codes. Assign 8 letters numbers from 1 - 8. Come up with some words and ask your kids to decode it. Good for using their names.

Use your imagination!

And most importantly, have a great holiday.

All the best from BlockStamp Games!


It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas at BlockStamp Games

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